Mon 28 Nov 2011 to Sun 4 Dec 2011

by Takeshi Terauchi

Takeshi Terauchi is the king of the Japanese surf rock guitar. His surf guitar sound is characterized by frenetic picking, heavy use of vibrato and frequent use of his guitars tremolo arm.

Terauchi started his career playing rhythm guitar for a country and Western act "Jimmy Tokita and The Mountain Playboys”. In 1962 he formed his first group, The Blue Jeans, and later, The Bunnys. In May 1967, he established his own company named "Teraon".

Nippon Guitars is a 2CD compilation featuring his best selections from his 50 plus year career of creating some of the greatest surf , instrumental and twangin’ sounds ever put to record. The CD also features original album artwork and extensive liner notes.

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