Mon 26 Oct 2015 to Sun 1 Nov 2015

by Dave Rawlings Machine

Dave Rawlings Machine Nashville Obsolete (PBS feature record)
After nearly twenty years and seven albums with Gillian Welch, David Rawlings steps into the limelight again as the front man with his second album as Dave Rawlings Machine, six years after the first. Gillian Welch is of course involved as is ex-Old Crow Medicine Show member Willie Watson and Paul Kowert from the Punch Brothers.

As with all albums made by Welch and Rawlings, the focus is on the interplay between the vocal harmonies of the pair. The difference between Nashville Obsolete and the other albums released with Welch is that the vocals of Rawlings take centre stage. The album maintains that timeless sound that all the work the pair has released together has. However, on this album there is more of the feel of a band (including drums, the appearance of which has been rare on Welch's albums) rather that just the two of them. There is also the addition of strings as well to further expand the sound.

There are some truly epic songs, not the least of which is 'The Trip'. At nearly 11 minutes long, it is very easy to become completely absorbed in the song. Time truly appears to stand still while you listen. There are also a couple of "uptempo" tunes (its a relative thing) like 'Candy' and 'The Last Pharaoh' that further add to the point of difference. A further highlight is the last song on the album, 'Pilgrim (you can't go home)' that features three-part harmonies, with Watson adding his voice to the familiar sounds of Rawlings and Welch.

It's a great album and sure to feature near the top of people's best of lists at year's end.

By Myles O'Neill Shaw 5ft High & Rising

Dan Kelly Leisure Panic (Featured on The Breakfast Spread)
Dan Kelly has had a much lauded career. His albums have regularly won and been nominated for big awards and he's got a rather big following. This trend is sure to continue with his latest album (and first in five years) Leisure Panic. It's got the sound of someone on a summer vacation and the album cover even shows that. There are lots of summer-sounding songs like 'Hydra Ferry', 'Gold Coast Man' and 'Jet Lag' but it's the opening tune, 'On The Run' which is the highlight. All nine minutes of it are so driving; more 'Hallo Gallo' than 'Radar Love'. It kicks the album off in a great way and makes the rest of the album hard to resist. A wonderful album and one that's guaranteed to get a lot of airplay over the summer.

By Crispi– The Breakfast Spread

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