Wed 28 Mar 2012 to Sun 1 Apr 2012

by Various

Best known for his work with seminal Australian band The Cat Empire, Jumps has found himself occupying a unique position in the world of DJs and turntablists. After ten years of touring the globe, Jumps has come into contact with musicians from many different cultures. In Melbourne, Barcelona, New York or Havana, his own knowledge, both as a performer and as a listener, has been enriched and deepened by this journey and he has had his ears opened to the sounds he’s chosen to present, in this, his first mix compilation 'Music Makes the World Go Round' (Cartel Music)

My first mix compilation on Cartell Music is out now! A mix of latin and afro influenced music from all over the globe! Also has 3 tracks from some of Australia's finest bands! Check it out and hope you enjoy! Available at all good record stores Australia wide! Also available on itunes (DJ Jumps)

An appreciator of all good music, especially that which is driven by funky drums and percussion, DJ Jumps has dedicated himself to finding the best and rarest dance floor music from across the globe, with an emphasis on African and Latin rhythms.

“With Music Makes the World Go Round it’s basically just a tribute to Latin and African music. It’s not extremely traditional, a lot of it is a mix of African rhythms with funk stuff or Latin rhythms with funk music. A lot of it’s old but there’s three tracks from Australian bands – The Bombay Royale, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra and Kafka – and two of those are like Afro-beat tunes and one of them’s like a Bollywood-disco song tune. So it’s just a bit of everything you know – it’s a lot of rhythm, it’s a lot of percussion, and it just moves nicely into a dancefloor frenzy.” (DJ Jumps – Luna Magazine)

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