Wed 23 Feb 2011

Blues musicians of all levels of skill have allways appreciated the opportunity to learn from the finest Professional Blues musicians Australia has to offer.

The Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society is providing that opportunity in the form of musician workshops. Taking place on a Wednesday night once a month, beginners & proficient players will be able to learn from the blues masters themselves.

The 2 hour sessions will comprise a workshop for the first hour. The special guest musicians will talk about the music industry and answer questions. They will also demonstrate various aspects of performing their style of blues. In the second hour, a rhythm section will accompany the guest artist as they show how it's done in a band context. Accompanying Alex will be members of the band “Black and Blue” - Patrick DeGuara (Paty Oh) on bass and Kevin Starling on drums.

Although primarily for musicians, workshops are open to all punters - you may just want to start learning a musical instrument!

Royal Standard Hotel - 333 William St West, Melbourne.
8pm – 10pm. $10 door charge.
Meals available from 6pm. First in for the front seats!
For more information, please visit