Mon 17 Sep 2012 to Sun 23 Sep 2012

by Mojo Juju

Mojo Juju sings songs that sound like that night you can't quite remember and that girl you promise you've never met. It's blues, but not as we know it; it's nostalgic yet foreign, it's a one night stand with an old lover. Taking influence and inspiration from hot jazz and early blues, jive and Pachuco boogie, not to mention a heavy dose film noir and hard boiled fiction, bump & grind, truck stops and cheap motels, there is most definitely something dark, dirty and seductive lurking in these sounds.

A pinch of Bessie Smith, a sniff of Cab Calloway mixed with several shots of Tom Waits and stirred with a little Jack White, and you have the perfect cocktail of sultry swagger, the signature sound of one of the freshest, most enigmatic artists around today. Featured on numerous soundtracks of late including the hugely popular “Underbelly: Razor”, Mojo is unstoppable. Mojo Juju’s live shows are mesmerizing and memorable, and now her sexy take on swampgrass blues is available on her self-titled debut album ‘Mojo Juju’.

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