Mon 9 Jul 2018 to Sun 15 Jul 2018

by Emily Wurramara


This week's Feature Album is Milyakburra, the debut album by celebrated artist Emily Wurramara from Groote Eylandt. This album charts a personal history as well as a continuing celebration of family, culture and the land.


Writing since she was 9, Emily sings with heart and honesty, striving to share her stories and experiences through her original music.

"The songs on this album have been written over time. ‘Tapsticks' was my second song to ever be written on guitar. I was 12 years old when I wrote it. These songs have grown out of my own experiences, the stories and dreams I’ve been told from the people I love and of course my love for our Earth and all the mystery and mystical beings she holds. During my career so far as a songwriter and as a musician I have met so many wonderful, kind and beautiful human beings along the way that have kept faith in my stories and my music. I am forever grateful for their friendship, advice and love. I’ve come across diversity. I’ve come across pain. I’ve come across freedom. I’ve come across the unknown, but music has always been my drive and passion for life. It has allowed me to discover my love for my people, for my culture, and a responsibility to archive my language and my stories through the universal language of music."
Emily Wurramara

Mojo Juju - Native Tongue

Chaka Khan - Like Sugar

Tangents - Swells Under Tito

Hello Tut Tut - Tea Time

Geoff Achison - Skeleton Kiss

Rejoicer - Double Astral Move

Genesis Owusu - Awomen, Amen

Total Giovanni - Comes in Waves

Luluc - Heist


This week's Top 10:


Emily Wurramara - Milyakburra
Mojo Juju - 'Native Tongue'
Chaka Khan - 'Like Sugar'
Tangents - 'Swells Under Tito'
Hello Tut Tut - 'Tea Time'
Geoff Achison - 'Skeleton Kiss'
Rejoicer - 'Double Astral Move'
Genesis Owusu - 'Awomen, Amen'
Total Giovanni - 'Comes in Waves'
Luluc - 'Heist'