Mon 7 Sep 2020 to Sun 13 Sep 2020

The culmination of nearly five years work (and two trips to Jamaica), Midnight Riders Meets The Naram Rhythm Section celebrates the full breadth of 80s reggae culture - with ten tracks running from classic roots to hardcore rub-a-dub to obscure digital.

This release also marks the debut album for the veteran Midnight Riders - who first cut his teeth in Jamaican studios such as Channel One and Blue Mountain in the early 80s.

With the benefit of wisdom, Midnight Riders recounts tales of long nights in the dancehall, love (lost and found) and the realities of life in the ghetto in both Jamaica and America.

With the rhythms all played, recorded and mixed by New Zealand's rub-a-dub chemist Naram, this album is a compelling tribute to a classic period of reggae history and a must have for any serious collector.

Midnight Riders Meets The Naram Rhythm Section is out now via Red Robin Records.




On Diamond - 'Candle'

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks - 'Pink Skirt'

Digital Rain Systems - 'Skylines'

EWAH & The Vision of Paradise - 'Vultures'

Tangents - 'Old Organs'

Tiana Khasi - 'Whole Lotta Shine (Sampology Remix)'

Emma Volard - 'Femininity'

Brenda - 'Need To Know Basis (BN)'

Lava Brain - 'Tripping Point (Breakneck Mix)'