Wed 11 May 2011

Blues musicians of all levels of skill have allways appreciated the opportunity to learn from the finest Professional Blues musicians Australia has to offer. The Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society is providing that opportunity in the form of musician workshops. Taking place on a Wednesday night once a month, beginners & proficient players will be able to learn from the blues masters themselves.

A great performance is so much more than just having a "great voice"; it's about connecting with the audience and taking them on a ride through the story of each song, lifting their spirits and transporting them to another world.

Diana Wolfe will share the secrets behind her stagecraft skills and caring for her vocals in a fun, engaging and participatory session. Backed by Blues Mountain Trio - Peter Hodges/drums, Jesse Valach/guitar, Ramon Legnaghi/bass, she will discuss her approach to working 'live' with unknown musicians, and how to draw the best performance from everyone, every time.

Diana brings her experiences singing the blues, African-American gospel, cabaret, glam-rock and comedy to every performance. These eclectic influences give her a unique sound and captivating stage presence; funny, poignant, heartfelt and always entertaining. Forte magazine described her as "... one of the unsung heroines of the Victorian music scene... (her latest album) Rutherglen Road's songs are at times tear-stained and others, downright jubilant... simple pleasures within a sweet soundtrack."

Royal Standard Hotel, 333 William St, West Melbourne.
Diana Wolfe - vocals and stagecraft.
$10 door charge.