Fri 12 Nov 2010

Matt Sonic and the High Times are thick as thieves. Banding together in celebration of Matt’s debut solo record in Mid 2009, founding members Mikeey Hew and Megan Sheehy quickly and passionately became a fast paced, hard rocking & psychedelic womb of their individual and collective spunk. September 2010 saw the band hit their stride with the introduction of Liam ‘Cuff’ Cuffley on drums and percussion.

In 18 short months, Matt Sonic and the High Times have lived the dream, touring from Wombarra to the boat sheds of Tasmania, successfully garnering the well-deserved attention of “Revelator”, Matt Sonic’s Debut Record. After owning the main stage of the sold-out CherryRock010 Festival in AC/DC Lane in May the band famously returned to headline at Cherry this month. After a blistering live performance that literally shook the foundations of Cherry, the mirrored wall behind the Bar, after eleven years in place, simply fell from the wall and crashed to the ground exploding into a million pieces. The same thing happened to people’s minds that night.

Although the trip has been relished by everyone involved, it is only the beginning for this young, attention-grabbing band, famously described as Melbourne’s best kept secret—until now. Welcome the release of the band’s debut single…

‘Break Free Your Mind’ is a captivating and somewhat pummeling journey through the freedom of love, redemption from heartache, and is a glorious snapshot of an energetic and genre-creating band. Taken from the forthcoming Summer Release Album, This Love Electric, ‘Break Free Your Mind’ is sure to be the summer soundtrack for many in and beyond the shearing sheds of Rural Tasmania

Matt Sonic & the High Times
'Break Free Your Mind' Single Launch

Friday 12th November
Ding Dong Lounge