Mon 11 Jun 2012 to Sun 17 Jun 2012

by Papa Chango

2012 sees Melbourne based 9-piece, Papa Chango, celebrate the release of their new album, The Matador.

Recorded at Melbourne’s home of funk and soul, Hope Street Studios (The Cactus Channel, Bombay Royale,) Papa Chango’s The Matador is the soundtrack to the “film yet to be filmed.” Inspired by 70’s ethio-jazz and afro-funk sounds, The Matador will take you on a sonic journey over barren plains and rugged terrain, all the while ensuring your feet don’t leave the dancefloor. For this release, Papa Chango have forgone the use of vocals entirely, instead using guitars, drums, percussion and Farfisa organ to provide the foundation, and a four-piece horn section to colour the landscape. These elements combine to present a “Morricone meets Mulatu” type experience to the listener.

Whether you’re lulled into a trance by the dark, visceral melodies or energized by the afro-inspired rhythms you will be moved, one way or another, by The Matador.

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