Mon 25 Feb 2013 to Sun 3 Mar 2013

by Mama Kin

Propelled by the idea of connection and alchemy, Mama Kin’s new album, The Magician’s Daughter, confronts the veil between the darkness and the light: the place where magic lives.

This is not the magic of top hats and rabbits, card tricks and disappearing acts. For Mama Kin, it is transformation through subtlety, the moment we are touched by the sense of things we don’t quite understand, but at the same time somehow inherently know.

“Magic occurs for me when someone’s own stories, songs and performance move me so deeply that I somehow feel more connected to myself and to humankind,” Mama Kin says.

Her debut album, Beat and Holler, was a war-cry and carnival of discovery from an artist who took many years to find her voice, and now her sophomore release, The Magician’s Daughter showcases an assuredness and potency that has come to define Mama Kin.

Created at the junction where strength meets vulnerability, Mama Kin’s music oozes soulfulness. Unafraid to mine the depths of the human condition, Mama Kin taps raw emotions, fears and insecurities, pushing the boundaries of self-expression and realisation.

Mama Kin will be playing The Northcote Social Club on April 11th. The Magician’s Daughter is available from February 22 through MGM.

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