Mon 1 Oct 2012 to Sun 7 Oct 2012

by Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos

Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos are proud to announce the release of "Love Your Crooked Neighbour With Your Crooked Heart" on Silver Stamp Records via Fuse Distribution.

Ringing performances of songs with drama, social commentary, tension and beauty, LYCNWYCH was recorded at home in between the volleys of surrounding suburban nail guns. It contains 10 tales, some small and some tall. A distinct country flavour flows through it and there are horns, pianos, and Suzannah Espie and Douglas Lee Robertson (Icecream Hands) singing up a backing vocal storm on a few tunes. It's a stunning, rambling ride down a road less travelled and The Zhivagos are at the heights of their collective and considerable powers.

Another alt country/pop infused gem from one of one of Australia's finest songwriters.

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