Mon 14 Nov 2016 to Sun 20 Nov 2016

by Papa Chango

Papa ChangoThe Lost Moon of Bellaris (PBS Feature Record)

Melbourne’s Papa Chango return with another album of driving Ethio-jazz inspired instrumental tracks on their latest record The Lost Moon of Bellaris. Of particular note on this new album is the contribution of percussionist Nat Grant who adds vibes and other percussion to the band’s groove-laden funk. The vibrato and sustain of Grant’s resonant vibes adds an ethereal layer to the hard-driving, and often quite dark rhythms of a band that continues to evolve.

Across 8 tracks there’s subtle variations of a sound that draws from Afro-beat, jazz, funk and the aforementioned Ethio-jazz. From start to finish there’s a confident strut and even a swagger in these instrumental gems. Each track propels the listener into the next and the album maintains and builds momentum through slow-burn horn lines that regularly feature baritone sax adding both depth and grit. Listening to the Lost Moon of Bellaris it’s also very clear that these tracks give the band plenty of scope to jam out in the live setting.

Crank up the stereo and enjoy the ride as Papa Chango take flight to The Lost Moon of Bellaris, you’ll find it’s a trip well worth taking.
Review by Owen McKern.

The Dacios Beyond the Bottom Hour (Featured on The Breakfast Spread)

It's been 7 years since The Dacios gave us a modern miracle in the form of Monkey's Blood - an album of startling and wild rock 'n' roll honesty. A craft honed through Little Ugly Girls and a jump across Bass Straight delivered Melbourne the sort of band it desperately wants to grow at home.

Having delivered their masterpiece and conquered stages from The Tote to Meredith, The Dacios suddenly fell silent. The time since Monkey's Blood has been a long wait for the true believers (the 2014 vinyl reissue only reminded us how much we missed them). In an ocean of content creation and buzzing social media profiles their no bullshit ethos has been rarely seen around these parts.

Beyond the Bottom Hour is an absolute triumph. 10 rich and detailed slabs of powerful and vulnerable pub rock. Linda J is an absolute force and her rock 'n' roll swagger bleeds into every nook of the record. Opener Rabbit stops you in your tracks - the first verse could easily be the emotional highlight of a band's career and The Dacios are just getting started. A personal crisis is filleting and laid bare before the drums arrive - it's astonishing stuff.

The addition of Bonnie Mercer to the group is revelatory. Her understated guitar sizzle gives the whole thing a menacing air. The band builds and holds tension even better than on their debut. There's no rush here and there's a whole lot of purpose to every moment. The mix really emphasises a band sharing the load evenly and existing on the same wavelength.
After a half decade break the Dacios have roared back to life and added another album to the cannon of underground Australian classics.
Review by Nick Brown (The Breakfast Spread).

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