Mon 24 Oct 2011 to Sun 30 Oct 2011

by Deep Street Soul

Deep Street Soul’s new album builds upon the diamond hard and gritty funk & soul template they established with their self-titled 2009 debut long player.

Not content to return with simply more of the same, Look Out, Watch Out expands the groups sound and repertoire, featuring as it does, incredible new vocalist May Johnston, guest contributions from renowned Randa Khamis and Roxie Ray, a choice cover version plus original tracks augmented with some raucous and heavy brass!

Deep Street Soul kick off proceedings with the romping ‘Soul Loco Suite’, a heavy instrumental groove that is right in the pocket, which combines Monique Boggia’s teeth rattling Hammond sound, stir in punchy ensemble horns and the groups trademark, wonderfully tough sounding production technique and you have a intoxicating soul stew!

DSS’s new vocalist May Johnston makes her presence felt on the albums title track ‘Look Out, Watch Out’, her voice combining the best elements of Marva Whitney and Spanky Wilson on this dance floor destroyer!

Randa Khamis (of Randa & The Soul Kingdom) joins forces with the band to deliver a really great version of the hardy funk perennial ‘Sweetback’ in a storming fashion, just listen to the chugging drums and southern style horns
as they peel back your ears and swish your brains about. Truly terrific!

May Johnston gives her best performance on ‘What She Said’, a low down, nasty and grinding tune with filthy clavinet key lines that bumps along in a raunchy Betty Davis manner, a track that gets down all the way down there...and then some.

At the other end of the spectrum, Roxie Rays’ contribution to the soft, mellow and dreamy number ‘Fallin’ bookends this collection of what is without the groups best work to date. Tough yet soulful, hard yet deeply melodic, what Deep Street Soul do better than anyone else!

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