Mon 17 Oct 2011 to Sun 23 Oct 2011

by Wavves

Following 2010’s skuzz-pop masterstroke, ‘King Of The Beach’, L.A.'s Wavves’ is back with ‘Life Sux’ – out this September 30th on POD through Inertia. If the band's previous records were all about one man's self-loathing, this eight-song mini album takes that sentiment and generously expands it outward, telling the tale of two loathsome characters locked down in Bummertown. What follows is a downward spiral of wrecked cars, impossible dreams and fading faith set to pop-damaged punk and squalling grunge including collaborations with musical BFF’s Best Coast and Fucked Up. Also, it’s fucking fun, though in Williams words “If you hate yourself and other people, you might like our rekkid.” The Australian version collects two additional bonus tracks “TV Love Song” and “Mickey Mouse”.

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