Mon 12 Sep 2011 to Sun 18 Sep 2011

by Kira Puru & The Bruise

Soul, suffering and sex are the secret weapons of Sydney four piece Kira Puru & The Bruise. From opening note to end note of their four-track EP The Liar the band have carved a sound all of their own, a soulful, industrial-blues, hard-arsed rock and roll. It’s heavy metal if it were invented in 1940. Perhaps it is a tribute to David Lynch soundtracks, with a wasted Etta James fronting a semi-rehearsed Portishead. It’s music to drink to, music to slam to.

With a voice that is as powerful as sustained gunfire and as smooth as bathtub full of a red wine (hints of cigar box and vanilla), Kira Puru is able to command rooms with a hushed croon before completely tearing them open with her incredible range and power. With hints of Ronnie Spector, Amy Winehouse and the aforementioned Etta James, her voice is nothing short of lethal.

Jamieson Shaw’s bass lines thump and thrum, rumbling through the floor and getting up in your danger zone before they pass you off to primal drums of Mr Chas Jagger. They play like mythical cave men : primitive, rhythmic, insidious and ubiquitous. It’s a goddamned animal. “But what of the finer things?” you ask, discerning hipster or jaded bastard that you are. Well don’t worry your pretty little designer jeans about a thing. If you don’t mind your touch of class also being set on fire and possibly used to strangle someone, Geordie Malone has all of the refined skills and delicate touch of what someone has probably been described by more than one admirer as ‘a katana wielding samurai but instead of bushido, he follows the way of ‘oh god, that riff is sexy’.

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