Mon 26 Dec 2016 to Sat 31 Dec 2016

Update: Until early this week, a decision by the Federal Government was in place to end open access Community Television in Australia on 31 December 2016. This was a decision which the Community Television sector spent the last two years tirelessly fighting to no avail. Now, the Federal Government has decided to allow C31 a further 6 months usage of the free-to-air spectrum.

Their plans to do a Last Week Live special broadcast remain:
From midnight on the 26th of December, right through to the official switch off at midnight on New Year’s Eve, Channel 31 Melbourne has plans to go out with a bang!

C31 will claim an unofficial Australian free-to-air TV record, surpassing previous milestones held by the likes of the Apollo moon landing and others, by going live to air for six straight days, 24 hours a day. C31 will be broadcasting live, around the clock for a total of 144 hours!

Last Week Live will celebrate the history and legacy of Community TV in Australia, and will form part of their ongoing initiative to provide training and career pathway experience to their growing team of young producers and technical volunteers. Throughout the week, Last Week Live will also display C31’s ongoing development and transition into an online digital world whilst paying respect to the current contributors and friends.

PBS will miss our Community Media cousins on the free to air platform. We wish them the best in the online realm. Support Community Media.

Watch the C31 trailer here.
More info here.