Mon 2 Jul 2012 to Sun 8 Jul 2012

by Kingfisha

Extensive touring of the country and slots on some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading festivals has seen Brisbane six-piece KINGFISHA earn their badge as one of the finest acts in the reggae/dub scene.

Honing their skills over the last 5 years, this debut long player is testament to their musicianship and chemistry as a group. KINGFISHA have taken Jamaican rhythms and infused them with honest songwriting and strong melodies to create their own sound… genuine, Australian Reggae.

Starting as a studio project with Anthony Forrest, Andrew Stephens and Shannon Green, following the disbandment of dub/electro act ‘Promiscuous’ in 2007, KINGFISHA have come a long way. In 2008 Nik Mayer Miller and Kristina Thomas joined to form the live act. The band recorded and released an EP and has been touring ever since.

Line up changes has seen Nik and Kristina leave, while Jason Leca and Dave Bell joined the group. Ad to the equation Michael Howes on sound effects and you have a Reggae/Dub band made up of some of Australia’s finest in the genre.

Front man Anthony Forrest leads the album with his trademark smooth vocal styles, while the bands tight melodies, rhythms and complimentary effects create a sound that is compared to the likes of Fat Freddy’s Drop. Comparisons aside, KINGFISHA certainly produce a distinct sound that steps up to the mark set by New Zealand and Europe, in the Reggae/Dub scene.

Recorded and produced by Pauli B (Beautiful Girls, George) at the Tanuki Lounge in Brisbane's West End. This self titled debut features outstanding musicality and strong songwriting. Looking Glass, is the first single to be lifted. Track one on the album, it immerses the listener in the bands signature sound; slick vocals and defining guitar skanks, groove within overdubs and effects, all melting into cymbal licks.

Although the album has a definite and well established sound, it does not stop KINGFISHA delving into various paces and playing on styles. A favourite track for fans & radio, Enough has been re-worked for this release. Initially written as a three piece band, it now sits as a gritty dub version, using various instrumentation. Tracks Always Tomorrow and Let You Know, will hook you in and have you singing along. While Wise Up is a tune that was stripped back creating a slow and atmospheric feel.

Other songs have stood the test of time for KINGFISHA and it is obvious why when heard. Digging For Fire has been recorded five times over the years and Olde Fatithful, one of the first KINGFISHA rhythms ever written was one of the last to come together in the studio for this release.

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