Mon 23 Sep 2019 to Sun 29 Sep 2019

Karate Boogaloo - KB's Mixtape No. 2

Karate Boogaloo bring you KB’s Mixtape No. 2, reminding us of the beauty of colouring outside the
lines; their unconventional funk guided by a steadfast commitment to bending the rules.

2018’s KB’s Mixtape No. 1, a self-produced and released collection of interpretations of hip hop samples
done in Karate Boogaloo’s immediately recognisable wonky style is fast becoming a cult classic amongst
Melbourne’s diggers, selling out in local record stores through word of mouth alone.

Now in late 2019, The KB’s bring you the second in their ‘KB’s Mixtape’ series with songs from the 80s
that were sampled into your favourite hits . Songs by Blondie, Kraftwerk, Patti LaBelle & Stevie Nicks
sampled by artists such as Destiny’s Child, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey & Warren G, all flipped and twisted in Karate Boogaloo’s unique way.

KB consistently sit in their own lane – their combination of raw musicianship and sheer time on the clock
playing together in the studio and on stage gives them a glowing presence rarely seen. Making records,
they follow their own rules; recording and mixing on tape with no plugins and no edits, releasing
exclusively in mono. It’s not about anachronism, it’s about the KB manifesto: a chosen set of limitations
forcing a specific outcome, an outcome best appreciated through their “KB’s Mixtape” series of LPs.


Donato Dozzy - '12H.3'

Acid Arab - 'Malek Ya Zahri - feat. Cheikha Hadjla'

Malek Ya Zahri - Feat. Cheikha Hadjla by ACID ARAB ㋡

Buried Feather - 'Cult Of Boogs'

Mariana Ingold - 'Tiempo Leve'

Saul - 'Earth & Rain ft. Poppy Ajudha'

Dazion - 'Eberhardt Smurkface'

Steve Hiett - 'By The Pool'

Steve Hiett - By The Pool

Maenad Veyl - 'Onto Duat'

Hannah Blackburn - 'Tiny Car'