Sun 29 Nov 2020
2020 was not the year any of us expected, but fear not – JOLT Arts has been cooking up the launch of Hullick Studios to transport you into blissful realms of auditory enjoyment.

Hullick Studios is a record label and publishing house, supporting maverick local and international music crafters who defy creative boundaries across an initial massive release of seven albums and three books.

Tune in to PBS 106.7FM's much loved The Sound Barrier  with Ian Parsons from 10pm Sunday November 29 to celebrate the release with us. Deep Creatures - the anticipated new release from the Amplified Elephants - will be streamed in full at 11pm. 



Le Scatterman (from Epic Topias) – James Hullick
Deep Creatures (from Epic Topias) – The Amplified Elephants
Sun for the Waxwing – Uminari Trio (Lyall, Morishige, Hullick)
The Howling Sound – The Amplified Elephants
Voluminous (from Epic Topias) – James Hullick
City Listening Sapien Drift – James Hullick
10,000 Currents – Cal Lyall 

Head to JOLT Arts for all the details and to Hullick Studios bandcamp to listen to the fine selection of music available.

JOLT Arts and Hullick Studios is proudly presented by PBS 106.7FM.