Mon 30 Nov 2020 to Sun 6 Dec 2020

This week's feature album comes from Finnish musician and composer Jimi Tenor with his latest LP, Aulos.

"Aulos" is a woodwind instrument from ancient Greece - like the tenor sax, it's a woodwind instrument of modern times. In its mythological meaning the Aulos symbolises ecstasy and this-worldliness. It was played by the Satyrs, who surrounded Dionysos, the god of earthly bliss.

This description is important when you look at the evolution of Tenor as an artist and the collaborative nature of the album.

Tenor worked with a global cast of artists and musicians on Aulos that provides context for its unique and original sound. There are the two drummers Ekow Alabi Savage from Ghana and Max Weissenfeldt from Germany, the latter of whom is as well the producer of Aulos; the two Frafra-Gospel queens Florence Adooni and Lizzy Amaliyenga, who are featured on lead vocals on 'Vocalize My Luv' and the Frafra-Gospel classic 'Ki’igba', which Jimi re-arranged in his own musical language. Furthermore, you will hear a young shooting star of the vibrant music scene in Kumasi: Kofi Emma on the Kpanlogo, a Ghanaian drum which historically is the forefather of the well known Conga. Last but not least, we hear Pat Thomas’ guitar player Sergio Manuel on the krautrockish piece '28 Cosmic Rock'.

With over 30 years on his musical resume, Tenor has maintained longevity due to his ability to adapt. His music springs from experimental rock with his first recording band Jimi Tenor & His Shamans (1986-1992) influenced by early 80s industrial rock, where instruments were made out of scrap metal and plastic. During the 90s Tenor moved first towards electronic music, but soon got closer to his roots: 60s and 70s jazz, psychedelic soul and African funk.

This is where he has comfortably settled, at least for now.

Aulos is out now on Philophon.



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