Mon 22 Jul 2019

For Jess Ribeiro, making a record is a lot like falling in love: it’s a dive into the unknown with the belief that the currents will carry you. With album number three, LOVE HATE, the analogy could not be more apt. LOVE HATE traverses the whole landscape of love: its amorous peaks, its rough rivers, and its dark valleys. With the music rising from her unconscious, Ribeiro wanted to ponder the metamorphosis of love.

LOVE HATE closes with the woozy, Dusty Springfield-like ‘Crawling Back to You’, in which a former lover is protected and avenged: “Don’t worry … she’ll be crawling back to you when I’m through with her”. It’s a reminder that even when we’ve experienced a love bigger than ourselves, the kind that puts everything into perspective, it’s easy to slip back into the minutiae and the drama. Perhaps it’s the sign that we’re ready to begin the cycle again.

Check out Ribeiro's latest track 'Young Love' below and listen back here to catch her Studio 5 Live session. Proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.

Jess Ribeiro - Young Love (Official Video)