Mon 28 Sep 2015 to Sun 4 Oct 2015

by The Meanies

The Meanies It's Not Me, It's You (PBS feature record)

After a 21-year break from releasing a new full-length album, the Meanies have returned into the recording studio here in Melbourne. The result is It's Not Me, It's You, 10 tracks in just over 25 minutes. Recorded by Sloth at Head Gap studios in Melbourne and released by Poison City Records, it's classic Meanies that we all love so much. Songs such as album opener ‘You Know The Drill', 'What's The Buzz Inside?' and 'There's A Gap' are all future Meanies buzzsaw classics.

When they formed in 1989, they had such a rush of contagious energy to their records and live appearances and that has never gone away. However, rock and roll has not been altogether kind to the band over the years, with the sad passing of their original member D.D. and guitarist Tas, both in 2008. Link has written all the songs on this new record and Jaws plays guitar on the recording as well. Cover art is by Mongo Steve. The front cover has a cassette being inserted into a guy’s head!

Earlier in the year Melbourne record label Poison City Records re-mastered and re-released their first three albums (which had been out of print for many years) on lovely coloured vinyl. Come n' See, Gangrenous/In Search Of and 10% Weird as a double gatefold vinyl album with bonus disc of B-sides. All these are definitely worth chasing up. This new album is a great edition to their long and enduring catalogue. May their be many more new Meanies records in the future. It's the meanie of life!

By Phil MacDougall – Sunglasses After Dark

Ainslie Wills Oh The Gold (Featured on The Breakfast Spread)

Ainslie Wills’ EP Oh The Gold could be one of the most sophisticated pop releases of 2015. The follow up from her debut LP in 2013 You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine, this EP is crafted with similarly intricate layers and instrumentation. Combine that with intriguing and unpredictable structures that are at the same time beautifully melodic, and you have something that will leave you wanting more.

These unique structures are offset by intelligent, conceptual lyrics such as in ‘Constellations’, where it feels like Ainslie is reflecting on her childhood, but there’s enough space in there so it could be yours, or mine too. Guitarist and collaborator Lawrence Folvig also adds a depth to the sound and has the ability to draw you in with his undulating guitar lines. Oh The Gold is captivating, and an example of highly crafted songs. The standard we've come to expect from Ainslie Wills – a fabulous release to be proud of.

By Cat – The Breakfast Spread

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