Mon 30 Jan 2012 to Sun 5 Feb 2012

by Puta Madre Brothers

With the follow up to their earth-shattering 2010 debut album Queso Y Cojones the three dirt-faced men with no mission set a new world class hot-sauce standard in sound and fury where insanity is only four short breaths away on It’s A Long Long Way To Meximotown.

Here the band reflect upon themselves in the dirty water sink just home from war, with dreams of buying a lady icecream and spending the night screaming with her (La Mierdas), singing for their wives’ mothers (Para Su Madre) and their ugly dogs (Mi Perro Es Tan Feo), honouring the man they wish was their father (A Theme For Vincent Fernandez) and summoning the spirits who appeared in the ceiling of their tour van at 4.15am whilst travelling the battleplains of Europe in 2011… Nathaniel Meyer, Richie Valens, Mariachi Vargas, and, yes, Cypress Hill.

This 14 track album will blow your pants apart and make you cry for your mother's caress. Included in this cacophonous dancefloor dirt slew is re-invigorations of two modern classics, Todo El Asunto is the brothers’ take on the Those Darlins hit tune The Whole Damn Thing, and they turn the finger blues of CW Stoneking into a Spanglish funk number with Blues Dodo (Dodo Blues).

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