Mon 21 Jun 2010 to Sun 27 Jun 2010

by Tame Impala

Welcome to the world of InnerSpeaker, the debut record by Tame Impala. It’s a woozy world of synesthesia soul, of hazy home-brewed daydreams and of infinitely unraveling adventures to the bottom of the imagination and back.

Tame Impala is Kevin Parker, Dominic Simper, Jay Watson and Nick Allbrook, a ragtag sandstorm of rainbow riffage, mindbending melody and blissed out adventurism from the most isolated city in the world.

The band's first release came in 2008 with the Tame Impala EP, a homespun artifact of bedroom psych that won them fans the world over for it's simplistic beauty and boundless creativity that echoed the lighter side of Cream, The Nazz and Kyuss.

InnerSpeaker is Tame Impala's chance to paint a far more expansive picture, and sure enough it redrafts the entire Tame Impala world as we knew it into an explosive, cosmic wonderland of ecstatic harmony and heavily jamming journeys into inner space.

Recorded and produced by the band's own Kevin Parker with Death In Vegas’ Tim Holmes on the engineer duties, in an enormous treehouse mansion with 180 degree views of the Indian Ocean just short of the end of the earth a few hours south of Perth, InnerSpeaker is ensconsed with a kind of inspired vastness not unlike the place it was created.

It was then mixed in a completely different kind of nowhere, a log cabin surrounded by snow, deer and shotguns in upstate New York, by renowned sonic maverick Dave Fridmann (MGMT / Flaming Lips).

The resultant record will first be unveiled with the single, Solitude Is Bliss, a joyous summertime romp through fields of honeyed harmony and crispy good times and is just the very tip of the amorphous cosmos that is InnerSpeaker.

The record confidently careers through the gently spiralling opening stanza of It Is Not Meant To Be through an 11 song suite that ranges from the ruggedly ripping likes of Lucidity and a rebooted Desire Be Desire Go, to deeply dreamy, from floaty cloud-surfing to searing rocket rides, from epic island pop to moody weather stormers, before ending on the intergalactic bubblegum of I Don’t Really Mind.

On InnerSpeaker Tame Impala invite you to join them onwards, upwards, above and beyond, sideways, backwards and round the bend, and it’s a stunning trip.

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