Hunx and His Punx is the brainchild of San Francisco based performer/personality Hunx, aka Seth Bogart. They are the first ever "girl group" fronted by a flamboyant gay male whose dream in life is to sound like a girl.

Proving himself a legendary child in his own right, Hunx is charming gays and squares alike with his live shows and candour. The music pays homage to a variety of influences. Forming after years of dancing in queer-centered electro outift Gravy Train!!! Hunx and His Punx' unique style defies genre and serves up equal helpings of 60′s girl group, bubblegum pop, and new wave with all of the hallmarks of the Bay Area garage rock scene that Seth emerged from. The songs carry their own weight, where Seth’s voice is the star. His voice is awesome – a nasally seductive combination of a whine and a croon that colours the music’s vivid stories.

Hunx is that boy you just wanna kiss—maybe after sharing a triple scoop ice cream cone, then roller skating with The Shangri-Las and Redd Kross rotating on a never-ending loop.

"Deliciously trashy homoerotic pop." --Pitchfork

"Behind all the debauchery, there’s some damn fine rock ’n roll." --Paste

"Bogart is a vivid, alluring frontman with one thing on his mind." --The New
York Times

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