Mon 17 Oct 2011 to Sun 23 Oct 2011

by Lanie Lane

Ivy League Records would like to officially introduce you to the beguiling Ms Lanie Lane.

Her debut album is ‘To The Horses’, a collection of 11 songs that duck and weave through a heady mix of early rock ‘n’ roll, blues, and rockabilly, serving up fantastic tales of love, lust, heartbreak and the importance of a good guitar - all delivered by one of the most undeniably distinctive voices and charming characters in Australian music.

Recorded and mixed over a grand total of four days with her band at a studio in Sydney, the self-produced ‘To The Horses’ showcases Lanie’s irrepressible talent for crafting songs that are as raw and gritty as they are warm and inviting. Written as individual pieces then recorded quickly in a manner reminiscent of years gone by – four people in a room playing music together, no more and no less – the songs sound live and alive. “As in my writing sessions, when I record, I much prefer to capture what’s happening then and there to make sure the rawness of the music and band energy isn’t lost in obsessive re-takes!” says Lanie. “I love recording with my band all together in the same room.” The band Lanie speaks of is the talented bunch she often tours with, including Zoe Hauptman (double bass and ukulele ''the best uke solo EVER'' recorded on ‘Don’t Cry), Aidan Roberts (electric guitar and backing vocals) and Paul Derricott (drums and percussion). Other notable musicians to lend a hand on ‘To The Horses include Jez Mead, Ashley Naylor and Tim Rogers among others.

In the same way she chooses to record to capture a moment, Lanie writes quickly and constantly.

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