Mon 22 Oct 2018

Tune in to PBS Monday October 22 from 3-5pm for a special 10 year anniversary show of Homebrew.

Current Homebrew announcers, Maddy MacFarlane and Patty Furze, plus past presenter Jenny O’Keefe, will be delivering a special show with a Studio 5 Live performance from The Teskey Brothers, plus special guests The Orbweavers, Mojo Juju and Alex Lashlie will be dropping in for a chat and a live tune.

Starting as a graveyard program between 2 and 6am, Homebrew took a break while announcer Maddy went traveling but returned and moved to its current home in November 2008. Homebrew is now well and truly established as the program for local artists. “I wanted to give back to local musicians who I knew were working so hard for recognition,” said Maddy.

Homebrew has welcomed many amazing artists into the studio over the past 10 years including Studio 5 Live performances from Alice Ivy, Ainslie Wills, Liz Stringer, Super Wild Horses, and Mojo Juju, to name but a few. These performances are immortalized in the Studio 5 Live music vault and are available to stream below.

Ainslie Wills - 'Fighting Kind'

Alice Ivy - 'Touch'

Liz Stringer - 'High Open Hills'

Mojo Juju - 'Native Tongue'

Super Wild Horses - 'Some Things I Can't Do Without You' and Patty_web.jpg