Mon 28 Nov 2016 to Sun 4 Dec 2016

by Various Artists

Various Artists Hobbledehoy Records: Ten Years (Thank You) (PBS Feature Record)

Adelaide based Hobbledehoy Records have been releasing interesting and diverse albums, in their Part-time, DIY, Independent and Selective way, for 10 years now. Attention to detail and an emphasis on quality rather than quantity has always been the bag of Tom and Erin from Hobbledehoy. A celebratory compilation release to coincide with their anniversary is out now.
Ten Years (Thank You) compiles mostly rare and previously unreleased tracks from across their current stable of bands. Texan Post Rock Quartet This Will Destroy You’s track ‘Their Celebrations’ is excellent as is Melbourne’s own Fourteen Nights at Sea’s contribution ‘Shallow Lake’. Perth WA Post Hardcore band Eleventh He Reaches London have a track on Ten Years as do The Leap Year, Deafcult, Luke Howard, Tilman Robinson, Jamie Hay & Liam White, Crusch and Ceres. Closing out the album is ‘Sad heart’ from Massachusettsan Post Rockers Caspian. Caspian’s 2015 album Dust and Disquiet along with Fourteen Nights at Sea’s Minor Light were very high on last year’s ‘best of list’ from me.

Ten Years (Thank You) is as well curated as any compilation you’ll find. There are elements of singer songwriter right through to post rock. There’s a great flow to this record—you’ll happily slip from one track to the next enjoying each subtle change in direction. Tilman Robinson comes on all Ben Frost on the track ‘The Earth swallowed her whole’ I look forward to listening to his latest album. Check out

Review by Chris Pearson (Pojama People)

Oren Ambarchi Hubris (Featured on The Breakfast Spread)

Oren Ambarchi's latest album is called Hubris - I would love to know the reason behind the title, because the album is one of the most stunning, ego-less collaborations I have heard in a long time. Ambarchi, who makes everything from drone metal to soundscapes and free jazz, has worked with Jim O'Rourke, Crys Cole, Keith Fullerton Whitmas and Ricardo Villalobos on this album. The album is separated into two longer pieces with a small interlude in the middle.
The first song, 'Hubris 1', is based off a series of arpeggiated guitar loops that makes you feel like you're always moving, engaged in the hypnosis somehow. 'Part 2' is short, something to recalibrate your mind before we head into 'Hubris Part 3', which uses a similar base but is more aggressive with the energetic drumming of Joe Talia. It is an experience from start to finish - yet another masterful piece from one of Australia's most skilful musicians. This is one of my pics for the year.

Review by Cat McGauran (The Breakfast Spread)

This week's Top 10:

Various Artists - Hobbledehoy Records: Ten Years (Thank You)
Oren Ambarchi - Hubris
Hot Wings - The Arrival
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions - Until the Hunter
Dungen - Häxan
Sam Weston - Never Been in Love EP
Letherette - Last Night on the Planet
A.B. Original - Reclaim Australia
Danny and the Darleans - Bug Out
African Head Charge - Return of the Crocodile