Tue 23 Apr 2019 to Sun 28 Apr 2019


This week's feature record is the long awaited debut album from HEXDEBTRule Of Four. The culmination of two years of writing, Rule Of Four gives us ten tracks that traverse the trials of life and the hurtful, systemic issues and ideas that the band are faced with every day. Tracks 'Era' and 'Visions' tackle the evolution and hopeful deconstruction of archaic systems of power, 'Covenant' and 'Ekhos' explore the pain associated with the stifling of oppressed voices and 'Fossilise' and 'Exodus' touch on the passing of time. Guided by their rhythmic, forceful and delicate musicianship, HEXDEBT manage to balance the beautiful with the confronting with the wisdom and poise of a band well beyond their years. 

Check out out the band playing track 'Loops' live in the PBS studios for Drive Live.


Umlaut - 'Irony Bored'

Sarah Mary Chadwick - 'Confetti'

Lucille - 'Will the knifing end?'

Australian Election 2019: Will the knifing end? Lucille - The Killing Season

Dicklord - 'Knuckle Girls'

Lucille Furs - 'Another Land'

e4444e - 'Streetlight(hide)'

e4444e - Streetlight(hide) [Official Video]

Pinch Points - 'Shibboleth'

 Batpiss - 'Nothing'

BATPISS - Nothing (Official Music Video)

Jacuzzi - 'Lesson Race'

Photo by Jamie Wdziekonski.