Mon 24 Feb 2020 to Sun 1 Mar 2020

Frank Yamma - Tjukurpa: The Story

Tjukurpa: The Story celebrates the career of the respected singer and guitarist whose voice and stories have touched audiences across Australia and globally. This compilation of Frank Yamma’s most beloved works gives audiences the chance to hear Yamma’s touching songwriting, exceptional guitar playing and soaring vocals for the first time on vinyl.


Frank Yamma’s life in music began over 30 years ago and has spanned releases such as Solid Eagle (1996), Playing With Fire (1999), Countryman (2010) and Uncle (2014).Now based in Adelaide but originally from Central Australia, Frank is a proud Pitjantjatjara man who speaks five languages. Through his unique ability to cross-cultural boundaries, he shares stories that stretch from the grand beauty of his desert country to the small observations of urban Adelaide life; stories of country, protection, heartache, travel and love.



RVG - 'I Used to Love You'

RVG - I Used To Love You (Official Video)

Surgeon - 'The Golden Sea'

Karate Boogaloo - 'Marriage For All or None At All'

tētēma - 'Wait Till Mornin'

tētēma "Wait Till Mornin'" (Official Video)


Tilman Robinson - 'We Came for Your Riches'

MOON CUP - 'Picking Fights'

Katie Gately - 'Loom'

Harvey Sutherland - 'Superego'