Mon 10 Dec 2012 to Sun 16 Dec 2012

by Bob Brozman

Ruf Records is proud to announce the release of Bob Brozman’s latest blues CD, FIRE IN THE MIND. Recorded this year in California, this collection of new original songs offers up driving rhythms and compelling exotic guitar sounds, propelling the listener to new places in the limitless world of the blues.

In Bob’s words…

FIRE IN THE MIND is a collection of mood stories, told in rhythm and timbre. It goes further and deeper than my older CDs. There is passionate playing on a variety of new and old stringed instruments, including instruments not normally used for blues. The compositions are informed and inspired by a rhythmic dialog between myself and Jim Norris on drums – our lively interaction was an integral part of this recording. I feel that the vocals on this album span a wider range of timbre and emotion than those in my previous work, and some of these melodies have been floating through my mind for a long time.

Tradition is a moving object, as musicians absorb sounds through a lifetime of listening, and create new sounds with their bare feelings. My musical ancestors, from Charley Patton to Tau Moe and Sol Hoopii, not only learned from their ancestors; they also absorbed ideas from other kinds of music outside their cultures, thereby pushing their traditions forward. In my world travels, I have expanded this concept geographically to include music from faraway places and music far from the traditional Delta blues that first inspired me. These new blues are meant to inspire you. Music for me is something constantly full of feeling, something a person never finishes learning how to express. Taking risk is paramount.

Dedicated to musicians and music lovers everywhere, with great sincerity.

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