F*ck the Fitzroy Doom Scene roared into the Melbourne's stoner rock explosion a few years ago with a name not to be forgotten.

With a sound and style inspired from some of the greatest classic rock acts, FtFDS inject originality into their music with drops of inspiration from all four members of the band.

FtFDS are reputed for their powerful and dynamic live shows that sweep you away in a sea of hypnotic riffs, searing guitar harmonies, infectious cross rhythms and growling bass lines. Lead vocals are shared by all four band members thus adding to the diversity in soundscapes within their original song structures.

Releasing their debut album Facing the Ruin to resounding local and national critical acclaim in July 2015. This culmination helped them secure an array of supports from respected stoner rock international touring acts.

FtFDS join PBS in Studio 5 on the eve of their sophomore release The Future Looks Clear which has been three years in the making.

If you like your rock served with a side of heavy blues fusion psychedelia, don't miss this Studio 5 Live!

Listen back to Pojama People Wednesday August 29 for Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene's live performance. Studio 5 Live is proudly brought to you by Mountain Goat.