Wed 13 Nov 2019

This week on State of the Art, Mish Grigor chats about the world premiere of Exit Strategies - a collaborative work with APHIDS co-directors Lara Thoms and Eugenia Lim - and her return to Arts House. 

A bracingly clever, bleakly funny and deeply angry new theatre work, Exit Strategies sees Grigor attempt (or pretend to attempt) a series of grand exits on repeat. Again and again (and again) Grigor leaves the stage; leaves the building; and leaves the country. From this repetition a game emerges and her actions become more and more ridiculous, careening from the absurd to the darkly political. 

Grigor explains that Exit Strategies encapsulates a number of personal philosophical ruminations, "it's about knowing when your time is up. Or sensing when you've overstayed your welcome. Or wondering if you can ever go home again (or if you ever really had one)."

Since the beginning of 2019, Grigor, Thoms and Lim have led APHIDS - a company who makes work that is feminist, intersectional, angry and funny; that brings artists into meaningful exchange with audiences through performance, critical dialogue and unpredictable encounters in the public realm.

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