Mon 26 Nov 2012 to Sun 2 Dec 2012

by Dark Horses

Front man for the evocative soundscapes of The Cruel Sea and the hard edged pub rock of The Beasts of Bourbon, collaborator on the Tex, Don and Charlie outings, and compadre to Tim Rogers on the TnT project. More recently seen leading the Tennessee Four in a night of memorable music in his turn in the Johnny Cash musical The Man In Black, Tex is now back once again with the mysterious moody grooves of the Dark Horses. Everyone’s Alone is the follow up to 2011’s Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses self titled debut.

Beginning life as primarily Perkos backing band The Dark Horses have developed a sound and style distinctly their own "this record has more of a band feel to it and less of a singer songwriter trip" says Perkins " so it felt like the right time to present the Horses as one unified entity".

Tex Perkins and fellow Dark Horses – Charlie Owen, Joel Silbersher, James Cruickshank, Stephen Hadley and Gus Agars have created a masterpiece. The album is in store now through Dark Horse Records / Inertia. /

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