Mon 27 Jun 2011 to Mon 18 Jul 2011

The Community Cup 2011 is over for another year, a day when the music community come together to raise funds and awareness for Reclink

A footy match celebrating Melbourne’s vibrant music community, The Reclink Community Cup attracted 11,000 people to Elsternwick Park, raising $200,000 for event organizers Reclink, a charity that provides over 4500 sport and arts activities across Australia each year to help people experiencing disadvantage.

The Espy Rock Dogs (that’s not us) recorded a resounding win against the Megahertz (that’s us). Whilst we attempted a gallant comeback in the second half, the lead was too great to overcome and scores ended at 41 (us) to 76 (them). As noted in a rousing speech in the change rooms by Megahertz Coach Vince Peach, we had just as many kicks at goal as the Rock Dogs, they just fell short of being centre.

All the usual shenanigans took place - streakers, dodgy ball skills, some good ball skills and great music. The curious fusion of gig watching with dogs, kids and heaps of people playing footy on ground at half time is one of the day’s most unique features.

A huge thanks to our fellow Megahertz players RRR and Syn FM, for staying strong and giving it a good bash. 2012 here we come.