Mon 29 Apr 2013 to Sun 5 May 2013

by Spiritual Beggars

Ah, the Swedes. They do indeed love their metal. I love their metal too! 'Earth Blues' from Spiritual Beggars sounds exactly as you would expect an album with a name like that to sound. The first thing I noticed in this album was the return of the 70's sound. Think Deep Purple keyboards, Eric Clapton composing, the running of Thin Lizzy, and that fantastic heavy sludginess of Spiritual Beggars. Mind you, it's not all sludge. In a quiet moment you'll hear a piano tinkling, then the guitars of what I could swear as Arch Enemy. The wailing of David Coverdale in there as well and you have an absolute Masterpiece, with a capital M thanks. The double cd/lp set also includes a 'Return To Live' ep recorded live in Japan in 2010. If you love your classic, fat 70's metal sounds, you'll love 'Earth Blues'. Out now through Century Media.

by Wendy Tonkin - Metal Genesis

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