Fri 14 Jan 2022 to Fri 21 Jan 2022

PBS 106.7FM and Star Cinema are proud to announce the Eaglehawk Film Festival in January 2022. This will be the first of what will be an annual festival.

The inaugural Eaglehawk Film Festival commences Friday January 14 at 8pm kicking off with the first of several screenings of the Australian new release Gold. The festival will run through until Friday January 21 with afternoon and evening screenings every day. Patrons can experience GOLD through the decades going back to the 1930s with films from all over the world; UK, Germany, Ireland, USA, Spain, Iran, India…. 10 titles in all!

From Martin Myles, Festival Director:

“The Eaglehawk Film Festival is an entirely new model where we will focus on a theme each year and curate the content around that.

With Eaglehawk Film Festival we want to offer something different as an alternative to the ‘standard’ film festival model. With each new year and theme, we will put together a programme of hand-picked titles and include as much diversity as possible in terms of culture, era and genre.

After much discussion, it seemed obvious that the first theme should be GOLD given that Eaglehawk came into existence during the gold rush.

We have had a lot of fun putting together a collection of films that represent gold, either literally, or metaphorically. It is a theme which has been called on time and again through the decades of film-making and the charm of this precious metal continues to excite audiences.

As if by divine intervention, a new Australian film – starring Zach Efron, Susie Porter and director, Anthony Hayes – called, you guessed it, Gold is due to be released in January. Once we knew this film was coming, I knew that its release would dictate the timing of our festival.

Some people have asked me, “Why Eaglehawk Film Festival, and not Bendigo?” There are a few reasons. But mainly, Star Cinema is in Eaglehawk and I hope that the wonderful Eaglehawk community embrace this event as their own and will be proud of it.

Also, as a by-product, it is my hope that, between films, festival attendees will explore more of what Eaglehawk has to offer. Eaglehawk is one of Victoria’s best kept secrets and there is a lot for the visitor to experience here.”

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