Mon 22 Oct 2012 to Sun 28 Oct 2012

by Drunk Mums

Think 70’s garage, surf music and then replace that sand with dirt and unpolished gentlemen. Initially starting out in Cairns, it’s the music of Drunk Mums that should have been used instead of shock therapy. Thirty years too late. Pity. With hazy, crazy guitars and dancing beats, they get
audiences into a psychotic jitter.

Drunk Mums started off organising gigs for their friends because there was nowhere else to play. After being robbed of everything but the ponchos on their backs in the US, the boys are settling in Melbourne to stir up the kids. Their music drips all over you like a Californian sun shower; it’s hypnotizing. They credit their influences to the likes of The Mummies, Black Lips and Junior Kimbrough. This is what The Brian Jonestown Massacre would sound like if they got Vitamin D a little more than once a year.

Just when you think these guys are going to slow down, the twerps keep dancing around and the song lets rip. It’s like they’re rubbing it in your face that they will be young forever. Drunk Mums are gathering speed, no, I mean metaphorically, and it won’t be long until they are lighting up the world in a joyous, cult-like manner. ‘Eventual Ghost’ is the five-track, debut EP. Every song is more irresponsible than the last. Dirty hair, clean faces, pristine tunes. The kids follow the name everywhere they go to see Drunk Mums sparkle onstage

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