Mon 6 May 2013 to Sun 12 May 2013

by Snow White's Poison Bite

Roll Up, Roll Up! Its the 'Gruesome Gory Horror Show', featuring of course the gruesomely gory Dr Gruesome! In the land of the dark and stormy, 4 piece Finnish horror-mongers, Snow Whites Poison Bite rise from the grave to bring us Dracula, ghouls, creeps and zombies. A fusion of Wednesday 13's humor, and scary screamo vocals, Snow White's Poison Bite bring us joyful carols of trick or treating, evil circus's, and all things hideously horrendous. Even a token ballad to soften even the hardest of rock ghouls in 'Zombie Romance'. Vocalist Allen Cotterill has brings together a whole new horror crew to release the follow up to the 2010 debut release 'The Story of Kristy Killings'. Out now through Victory Records, and distributed in Australia through Riot.

Wendy, PBS Metal Genesis

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