Mon 30 Aug 2010 to Sun 5 Sep 2010

by Quantic

Second album from Quantic’s tropical side project bringing dub and reggae flavours to the Latin American and African sounds that he has been chasing round the globe since he first started collecting records.

An album inspired by soundsystem culture but widened out far beyond just reggae and dancehall styles ‘Dog With A Rope’ is a tropical soundclash – encompassing a heavy bass and reggae aesthetic alongside the Tropical dance-orientated music from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia.

While lots of DJs are currently playing both classic and obscure old reggae, funk and Cumbia, Holland noted that not many people are currently making new music of this type and building on these styles in a modern way, so with his signature combination of faith in the past and hunger to push forward, with this album he strove to make the connection. He recorded the album in his Sonido Del Valle studio in Cali, Colombia, the city he has called home since his relocation in 2007.

A true musical obsessive, Holland’s insatiable drive to create new sounds has seen him record and release fourteen full albums under various guises in less than ten years, selling well over 100,000 records in the process and gaining worldwide acclaim as one of the leading lights of the leftfield dance music world.

While it is essentially a solo project, Quantic has called on the finest musicians in their fields to create the rich tapestry of sound on ‘Dog With A Rope’. These include the pianist Alfredito Linares, a Peruvian legend who appeared on Quantic’s last three albums; and Nídia Góngora, who you may also remember from last years wonderful ‘Tradition In Transition’ album.

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