Mon 15 Apr 2013 to Sun 21 Apr 2013

by Super Wild Horses

I remember the day in 2010 when my hands first clutched Super Wild Horses’ debut album, Fifteen. It was a dark Friday afternoon before a long weekend away. On its first play I grossly underestimated just how many times the album would be repeated over the weekend - near-constantly. Those same thrills return to me hearing the duo’s follow-up album Crosswords. These are harmonies and lyrics that have me believe in the power of the sisterhood, like an imagined Thelma & Louise get-away soundtrack. It is instrumentation I connect to – not just as sounds, but participatory actions. While air-guitaring, -drumming or -one-handed-keyboarding along, I quickly realise the actual pace and placing of the garage-pop parts. Equal measures light and dark: proud partying and shared secrets. Haul yourself away to indulge privately in this album to start with, then resurface to celebrate its Melbourne launch May 31.

by Maddy - the Breakfast Spread

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