Mon 2 May 2016 to Sun 8 May 2016

by Mt Mountain

Mt Mountain Cosmos Terros (PBS feature record)
Mt. Mountain first came to my notice on Psyche Ward’s Compilation Vol.1 and with a self-titled EP the same year (2014). They sounded like a young psyche band going places.
The place they have gone with their new album Cosmos Terros is as cosmic as the title suggests. They have picked up the torch the Black Angels carried on their first two albums. Cosmos Terros contains six meandering psyche-rock tracks with a glacial feel usually associated with their post-rock brothers. This is the way I feel psychedelic music should be played¬—long and languid. The stand out track for me is the 8 ½-minute closer ‘Pass On’.
Hot on the heels of supporting Kadavar, Mt. Mountain begin their national launch tour. We in Melbourne get our chance to see them at The Old Bar Saturday 7 May supported by Fourteen Nights at Sea, Warpigs and The Dead Heir.
Perth based five piece Mt. Mountain are definitely one to watch out for.

By Chris Pearson – Pojama People

Camp Cope Camp Cope (Featured on The Breakfast Spread)
Melbourne band Camp Cope's debut LP is a stunning triumph. Its stream-of-consciousness tales of struggle in a brutal world offer up tough resistance to economic and social oppression. Georgia McDonald's Foucauldian insight into language and the power it holds over us shines throughout. She has a rare ability to lay bare the meanings we attach to words and to connect the intimate with the structural. The rhythm section of Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich and Sarah Thompson work perfectly with McDonald's guitar and vocal work. Their empathetic playing adds plenty of fire without scrapping for space in the mix.

"West Side Story" provides a painful insight into the personal experiences of what people optimistically describe as late-stage capitalism while "Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams" (the best song name of the year thus far) goes to war with "the lies they use to control you". Both showcase McDonald's honest, powerful and vulnerable songwriting.

Camp Cope is the sound of three people who've developed a unique language to express their reality and refuse to have it dismissed.

By Nick – The Breakfast Spread

This week's Top 10:

Mt Mountain - Cosmos Terros
Camp Cope - Camp Cope
Luke Howard - Two Places
Kaytranada - 99.9%
Melody Pool - Deep Dark Savage Heart
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Sierra-Kilo-Alpha
Tippa Lee - Dub Them With Reality
Julianna Barwick - Will
White Lung - Paradise