Mon 7 Oct 2019 to Sun 13 Oct 2019

Coda Chroma - Inside The Still Life

Coda Chroma is the alias of Melbourne-based musician Kate Lucas, and is a vehicle for her preoccupation with songwriting. 

Coda Chroma's songs are drawn from personal dreamscapes and real life encounters, delivering poetic honesty, with a nostalgia for the unknown. In 2017 Coda Chroma invited us into her kaleidoscopic world with the release of her stunning debut self-title album. An instant underground classic full of well crafted but deceptively deep songs that shimmer with flecks of gold and grit. By turns woozy and confessional, dark and empathic, the musical terrain is vast. 

After a stint of national and international shows, Coda Chroma has returned to release her sophomore release Inside The Still Life. With more than a fistful of hits and heartbreaks, the record is a major progression from the debut album. Coda Chroma's sophisticated pop sensibility only partially disguises a more intense, brooding, and cheekily existential underbelly. 


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