Mon 27 Nov 2017 to Sun 3 Dec 2017

by Various Artists

Various Artists- CLING CLANG: Compositions for Computer - Controlled Bells and Australian Electronics (PBS Feature Record)

CLING CLANG is a compilation of new original dark electronic works specially commissioned for the City of Melbourne’s extraordinary outdoor industrial sound sculpture the Federation Bells.

Ear-shearing techno, pounding EBM, experimental electronics and minimal wave atmospherics will meld with the exotic sounds of this peculiar public percussion robot: creating a world-exclusive sound art / dark dance hybrid - perfect for music nerds, electro goths and techno enthusiasts alike.

Archer The Divine Church of the Open Sky II (featured on The Breakfast Spread)

This week's Top 10:

Various Artists - Cling Clang: Compositions for Computer​-​Controlled Bells and Australian Electronics
Archer - The Divine Church of the Open Sky II
Bjork - Utopia
Heron Oblivion - The Chapel (Live)
Nabihah Iqbal - Weighing of the Heart
Equiknoxx Music - Colon Man
Causa Sui - Vibraciones Doradas
Bitchin Bajas - Bajas Fresh
NxWorries - Yes Lawd! Remixes
Mangoo - The Heat