Mon 28 Sep 2015

PBS 106.7FM is proud to announce that Melbourne legend DJ JNETT will be joining the on-air roster with her new show ‘Are You Ready?’ every Monday night at midnight, from Monday September 28.

JNETT is one of Melbourne’s most respected DJs with a background that goes back more than two decades. She has been a regular DJ at most of the big music festivals, is a mainstay of Melbourne’s club scene and has done many guest spots on PBS and other radio stations over many years. For two years she was also the electronic music reporter on ABC TV’s program ‘Recovery’.

The concept of ‘Are You Ready?’ is to showcase and feature music that is predominantly underground and of an electronic nature. Representing music in which tempos are non-specific, time signatures predominantly four by four, sound elements are broad and explored, within the analog realm through to the digital. Geographical production diversity represented, all towards a common theme and movement which is rhythmical, spiritual and global.

JNETT will add to PBS’ excellent Monday night programming following on from Bevin Campbell’s long-running show ‘The Blend’. Image 2015_1.JPG