Mon 14 Sep 2015 to Sun 20 Sep 2015

by Pyogenesis

Pyogenesis A Century In The Curse Of Time (PBS feature record)

A mix between metal and punk – steampunk if the term in music exists – Pyogenesis is a band who've been around for many years but are new to me. I can't explain why I've not heard these guys before, but I sure am glad I have now. Forming in 1991 in Stuttgart, Germany they've previously released five albums and four EPs. Singer/guitarist Flo V Schwarz founded Hamburg Records in 2002 which he still runs today.

Pyogenesis have released A Century In The Curse Of Time as a comeback album after a 13-year hiatus. And having not heard the band previously I have no idea whether their sound has evolved or remained the same, but the album title pretty much tells you what you're in for: think 18th Century dress and themes, a mix of low brutal vocals and pop vocals, with a punk attitude in there as well. Video clips for the first two tracks 'Steam Paves Its Way', and 'Lifeless' are available online and well worth a look for the costumes alone.

I don't like to compare bands to one another as a rule, each is its own entity capable of being dynamic at any time, but for this purpose I'd say the band they most remind of is Volbeat, returning again to that 18th Century feel. Beautiful guitar tones, melody and passionate music from the heart. I'm off to search their back catalogue now.

By Wendy – Metal Genesis

Glen Hansard Didn't He Ramble (Featured on The Breakfast Spread)
Basking in Melbourne’s first real spring sunshine, listening to Glen Hansard’s new album Didn’t He Ramble, things couldn’t get much better. This album is the follow-up to his 2012 debut solo offering Rhythm and Repose, Hansard shows us his pensive side. The feel-good nature of the album is encapsulated in the song ‘Winning Streak’ where he wishes that his friend’s winning streak would never end. It’s got a generous, homely feel to it without being boring. Musically, there are tinges of his cultural heritage with ‘McCormack’s Wall’ ending with an Irish jig that will make you think you’re sitting in an Irish pub with 100 of your closest friends. Beautiful string arrangements on ‘Wedding Ring’ and ‘Lowly Deserter’ also contribute to the album’s optimistic feel. And in between writing these stunning songs, Hansard has found time to release The Frames’ first album in 10 years which has a far more indie rock feel to it as expected. This is testament to Glen Hansard’s musical depth, and anyone who wants something warm to listen to this spring should definitely check it out.
By Cat – The Breakfast Spread

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Pyogenesis - A Century In The Curse Of Time
Glen Hansard - Didn't He Ramble
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Nicole Willis and The Investigators - Happiness in Every Style
Kimba Griffith Septet - Each Time The First Time
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Heath Cullen - Outsiders
The Meanies - It's Not Me, It's You
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