Mon 13 Jun 2016 to Sun 19 Jun 2016

by Case/Lang/Veirs

Case/Lang/Veirs Case/Lang/Veirs (PBS feature record)
It all seems to good to be true. In what seems like such a good idea, you wonder why they didn’t think of it earlier. It all came about as a result of an email from k.d.lang to Neko Case and Laura Veirs. The trio had worked together on the 2013 Laura Veirs album “Warp and Weft” and this acted as a kind of dress rehearsal for the new album, which the artists say, will be a one off. All three live in the same part of the world (the Pacific Northwest of the USA) and they gathered in Portland Oregon in the studio run by Tucker Martine (Veirs’s partner).

On most songs all three share the songwriting credits and all three take turns at singing the lead vocals, backed by the wonderful harmonies of the other two. Highlights include a tribute to the illfated Judee Sill, “Song For Judee”, sung by Veirs and backed by string section. Case’s vocals provide a more Americana feel to the songs she sings, like “Delirium” and “Down I5”. lang brings a more jazzy feel to her leads on tunes like “Blue Fires” and “1000 Miles Away” In a collaboration that seems made in heaven, all three artists seem to draw out the best in each other. The album works as a cohesive whole with the vocals of all three combining perfectly.

The songwriting is superb and it sounds like all three enjoyed the experience immensely. If it does actually turn out to be a one off, it will be a pity as it would be well worth doing it all again.
By Myles O'Neill Shaw – 5ft High & Rising

Gooch Palms Introverted Extroverts (Featured on The Breakfast Spread)
Gooch Palms appeared from Newcastle's DIY scene fully formed. Their voices were stronger and their songs better than most of what was being offered up in the garage rock explosions in Melbourne and Sydney. Free of pretension and self-importance they just played awesome shows and loved it. Whenever they made the trip down here it was exciting, and a wider audience was only a matter of time. Leroy and Kat have spent the last 18 months grafting a living off their music in the U.S; time on the road helping build them into an even better band.

Introverted Extroverts is their second album and a bloody corker. This is pop genius at it's best – simple, direct and fun. Beautiful arrangements belie the budget rock approach that drives Gooch Palms. Leroy Macqueen's vocals are as rich and thundering as ever but Kat Friend matches him line for line on rippers like 'Eat Up Ya Beans' and 'Trackside Daze'. The duo belt out pop gems about the gulf between their public and private selves. Introverted Extroverts is inspirational fuel for those feeling unsure of themselves – these two have (again) turned their doubt and shyness outward to create a call-to-arms those feeling like they don't fit in.
Whether you're in need of a cracking punk record to fire up a party or a sad pop record to put on in your bedroom Gooch Palms have you covered.

By Nick – The Breakfast Spread

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