Mon 29 Feb 2016 to Sun 6 Mar 2016

by Fatima al Qadiri

Fatima al Qadiri Brute (PBS feature record)
Fatima Al Qadiri returns to Hyperdub for her 2nd album Brute. Made from the perspective of her transnational experience, her new record explores the theme of authority, the relationship between police, citizens and protest worldwide, particularly of her adopted home in the United States.
Musically, Brute teeters between rage and despair, manifesting in restrained percussion, sampled and processed recordings of urban protest, and the signature minor progressions that distinguish Al Qadiri’s body of work.

Simona Castricum #TriggerWarning40 (Featured on The Breakfast Spread)
Simona Castricum's self-produced album, #triggerwarning40, is a journey through harrowing lows and personal change - it's also a brillant dance record with pop smarts. This isn't a euphoric ride full of club anthems; it's an intimate and fractured solo album channeled through drum machines. Castricum rings out her pain and pours it into jarring beats and heady synths; the result it is an intensely personal album that questions the salvation of the dancefloor as a place to escape a brutal world.

By Nick – The Breakfast Spread

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Fatima al Qadiri - Brute
Simona Castricum - #TriggerWarning40
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Glen Hansard- A Season On Line EP
Marta Ren and the Groovelets - Stop Look Listen
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