Mon 9 Aug 2021

In 2015, Melbourne band Black Cab was one of the 15 local acts that performed at Drive Live, PBS’s annual celebration of live music. During this week-long mini-festival, three bands go live to air in each day’s drive program. Following on from indie band Lowtide and electro-pop duo GL, Black Cab headlined the performances on The Afterglow with a brooding, droney set of new wave magic that captivated the in-studio audience.  

Formed in 2004 by James Lee and Andrew Coates, and currently joined by Wes Holland on drums, Black Cab has released five studio albums and multiple singles, often collaborating with many additional local musicians. Drawing inspiration from Europe and America in the 1960s and 70s, the band’s sounds has ranged from psychedelic kraut rock and shoegaze to industrial and electronic music.  

A big fan of Black Cab, announcer of The Breakfast Spread Milo Eastwood is keen to revisit the set on Monday August 9. Save the date and tune in from 8am to hear more.   

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